“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”  This quote can relate to many life issues.  It really hits the mark when it comes to weight loss and eating right.  In our society, eating healthy takes more time and effort than eating a junky diet.  Junk food is quick, cheap, and EVERYWHERE.  Eating well takes more thought, a bit more money, and some extra time searching out the best and most fresh food in your area. But this is your health we are talking about.  It is definitely worth it.

The good news is the availability of fresh, whole foods is increasing.  There are more farmer’s markets,  whole food internet companies, and sources of fresh meats, vegetables, and fruits than ever before.  Most restaurants are on board too and have special selections that are “light and healthy” in the sense that they contain more vegetables, lean meats and less sodium and starches.  A client of mine just told me that her cafeteria at work has a “paleo grill” twice a week.  People are catching on to what it means to eat healthy and how that ties directly to being lean vs. overweight.

So how do plan ahead in order to maximize eating well?  Shop and do a healthy cook up on the weekends. Pack that food for the upcoming week. Bring your lunch and snacks to work so you are not tempted to go out or eat those donuts!  Check menus ahead if you know you are going to a restaurant and identify the best options for you.  Spend some time researching recipes that use whole foods and try a new one each week.  There are great resources to guide you.  Some of my favorite websites are stupid easy paleo, paleo mom, and cooking light.