This important key relates to the last one.  Friends and family are often the ones with whom you celebrate and share food and drink.  They comprise your support system and are your most influential environment.  As such, they are very crucial in the journey to weight loss and better health.  If you have their support in eating healthier and exercising you are more likely to be successful.  But, if you are the only one reaching for the kale while everyone else is eating fries, it’s going to be extra difficult to make those necessary lifestyle changes.  If you are abstaining and they keep pestering you to “loosen up” and have a beer, it’s that much harder to tow the line. It can also make you feel isolated and not a part of your own group!

Make every effort to recruit them to your team.   Share your healthy food and new recipes.  Invite them on your walk or hike.  Join a gym or hire a trainer with a partner. Tell those closest to you about your goals and how important they are to you.  Directly ask for support, if needed.  It is hard to change.  A supportive environment is a huge asset on the journey to becoming a better and healthier you.

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