As a personal trainer I have spent many hours writing fitness programs and physcially training my clients so they can become stronger, healthier, and lose weight. As much as I am passionate about the benefits of exercise for physical and mental health, I know the battle of weight loss/fat loss is won in the kitchen.  This is a difficult piece for most people (including me).  But, it is the reality that must be grasped to make the lifestyle changes changes necessary to support a lean and healthy body.

Quality food is the best and simplest place to start this lifestyle change.  And it is radical lifestyle change for those of us who have been consuming the Standard American Diet.  Quailty food basically means eating whole foods (vegetables, fruit, eggs, organic meats, wild caught seafood) and AVOIDING processed food and sugar.  This can be done stepwise.  Add the good stuff and decrease the crap (stuff in boxes and bags with lots of ingredients).  Day by day make better choices.  You may find this is enough to start the scale moving and you will definitely feel better!  

For more information I invite you to read the Harvard study below.  Enjoy in good health.