Tina Duerre

I am passionately committed to helping others get fit, strong, and healthy. For 10 plus years I have worked as a personal trainer, fitness instructor, and Crossfit coach in Virginia and California. While working in larger settings in the fitness industry, I have always maintained my own training business and have worked consistently to improve my own health and fitness.

 My varied personal and professional experiences have taught me that: "One size fits all" training is ineffective, diets don't create lasting change and gyms can be intimidating, inconvenient, and expensive. Developing positive habits of exercise and healthy eating is hard! Change takes time and support. 

I know a highly customized and holistic approach to fitness and health is the best way to make an impact.  Bringing my services to your location (home, outdoors, apartment, or gym) makes personal training more affordable, fun, and convenient.  Better Bodies by Tina represents a practical and effective approach to  personal training. My commitment to your health will help create long term results.