Carbohydrates are another important macronutrient for human health. They are the body’s preferred source of energy.  Carbohydrates have an important role in brain function and help prevent the breakdown of proteins for energy.

But, all carbohydrates are not created equal.  The best type of carbohydrates for health and weight loss are low fructose fruits and non-starchy vegetables.  In addition to providing energy they add texture, color, fiber, and vitamins to your diet.  Whole grains such as oats, barley, and brown rice are another source of carbohydrates that contain a lot of fiber and can help with weight loss. 

What kinds of carbohydrates should be avoided?  It’s a no-brainer.  White bread, pasta, cakes, cookies, candy, and soda are tasty but not nutritious.  They are refined, processed carbohydrates which spike the blood sugar and have little to no nutritional value.  Refined carbohydrates also happen to be calorie laden and can erase that workout in several bites.  Seriously!   The amount of carbohydrates an individual should consume varies from person to person.  About 40% is a good guideline if you are trying to drop weight. You have to play with numbers and see what amount helps you lose fat and sustain adequate energy levels for your activities.