Diets don’t work.   People keep trying them, anyway, because they offer a magic bullet; a quick way to get rid of excess pounds.  But what happens when the diet is over? The weight is regained.  Or worse, the dieter ends of up weighing more because of rebound overeating and adverse metabolic effects in response to dieting.  It doesn’t have to be like this anymore! You can not starve and have the body and health that you want. You can escape the diet cycle.

The best way to eat to achieve (and maintain) a healthy weight is by making key sustainable changes in food choices over time. Change one thing (i.e. fruit for dessert vs. baked goods). Incorporate that change into daily life.  Pay attention to how your body responds. Then make another change.  This way weight is lost at a reasonable pace (1 to 2 pounds per week) and an individual can gradually evolve their food plan to be healthy and sustainable over the long term.

To get started it helps to focus on quality of food.  Not quantity.  For example, you can set your first  goal to be eliminating baked goods that utilize refined sugar and white flour (some of the main ingredients standing in the way of a lean and healthy body).  To satisfy a sweet tooth you can turn to fresh fruit or learn to create delicious desserts using fruit, nuts and other whole foods.  You may even find you don’t need a substitute for unhealthy foods because your tastes will expand and change!  Find your one thing and make that change today.